Cardiac & Vascular Products 
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Cardiac Products

Cardiac Products


This product is for cardiac vessels do angiography or intervention, to the wrist radial artery or the thigh root segment of femoral artery, in contrast agent developing under examination and treatment needs a series of pipe products.This method can reduce the treatment on the body of the large area cutting and reduce the burden on patients.
Coronary artery intervention micro catheter
・Guide wire
・Angiography guide wire
・PTCA balloon catheter
・Interventional Treatment  kit
・Angiography guiding catheter
・Coronary artery dilatation stand


PTAC dilatation catheter 
Guide wire
What’s PTAC dilatation catheter ? 

Guide catheter used for PTCA(Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty).
PTCA refers to the treatment of heart coronary artery narrowing blockage caused by myocardial infarction methods, narrowing the plug portion is inserted through the catheter with air sac type, so that the air bag up so as to dilate blood vessels and restore blood flow effect.