Message from Top Manager 
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Message from Top Manager

For Patients around the World


KOJI NAKAO(Chairman & Representative Director) YUTARO SHINTAKU(President & Representative Director)

  Terumo has held up its corporate mission of "Contributing to Society through Healthcare" as its highest value over the full 90 years of its history. In keeping with this mission, we consider it our duty to develop excellent products and ensure their stable supply, and to work proactively to address various issues surrounding healthcare.


  The environment surrounding the healthcare industry has been undergoing a dramatic transformation. In developed countries, reducing medical costs and improving quality of life have become major issues, shaped by changes in the social landscape like aging populations and slowing economies. In developing countries undergoing economic development, there are growing demand for healthcare.


  In response to these social needs, we utilize our unique technologies and expertise to pursue healthcare with added value.


  The evolution of medical devices and equipment will lead to reduced physical strain on patients as well as cutting treatment times and costs, thus making healthcare more efficient and economical. A left ventricular assist system, for example, drastically changes the environment for treatment as it allows patients to conduct therapy at home instead of being subject to lengthy hospitalization.


  Medical devices and equipment can only be beneficial, however, when operated by professionals who know how to use them properly. With ongoing advancement in healthcare, we must recognize that it is necessary for the development and popularization of healthcare to provide support for the technical training of healthcare professionals to help them acquire the sophisticated skills needed to perform safely.


  Our goal is to provide better healthcare and become a company needed by people around the world. This is our strong determination.