About Terumo 
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About Terumo

 Terumo Corporation was founded by the famous physician KITASATO SHIBASABURO in 1921. At the beginning,Terumo was initially to produce thermometer. After nearly a century of development, our products have already covered by medical consumables, blood transfusion, angiography and treatment of catheter, artificial heart-lung, medical electronics, etc. 


 Terumo Corporation has a number of factories such as Kofu Factory, Fujimiya Factory, Ashitaka Factory in Japan, and many overseas factories in the US, and Europe. We have Terumo Medical Products of Hangzhou Co., Ltd. and Changchun Terumo Medical Products Co., Ltd. in China. All plants have passed the ISO13485 quality system, European CE, US FDA and other international certifications.


  The medical products of Terumo are exported to more than 150 countries and regions around the world. In the future, we will join hands with the Chinese excellent enterprises to exploit our advantages of advanced medical technology and experience, and develop new products and technologies. These products and technologies will not only be put into Chinese market but also overseas market through the international operations of our company.


  Contribute to society through healthcare. This is the most important concept of Terumo which we still insist since Terumo was founded 90 years ago,and we will make every effort to contribute to human health.


   In the future, Terumo will cherish the corporate vision contribute to society through healthcare to promote the progress of the World Medical Career, and constantly meet new challenges.